My Illustration Process

Step 1: The Text

I begin each project by studying and fully understanding the text. I read your story, and taking all instructions and suggestions, begin to formulate a concept and plan of attack. For this example, I’ve chosen the following passage taken from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum.

Just then another groan reached their ears, and the sound seemed to come from behind them. They turned and walked through the forest a few steps, when Dorothy discovered something shining in a ray of sunshine that fell between the trees. She ran to the place and then stopped short, with a little cry of surprise.

One of the big trees had been partly chopped through, and standing beside it, with an uplifted axe in his hands, was a man made entirely of tin. His head and arms and legs were jointed upon his body, but he stood perfectly motionless, as if he could not stir at all.

Dorothy looked at him in amazement, and so did the Scarecrow, while Toto barked sharlply and made a snap at the tin legs, which hurt his teeth.

I then submit my ideas as well as a proposed schedule for the work so you know what to expect and when to expect it. I keep you involved almost daily with your project with images, questions and updates.

Step 2: Rough Sketch

The next step is to produce a rough sketch. This sketch is done as quickly as possible to give maximum life and fluidity. It consists of rough lines and possibly shadows/color. It establishes how the idea will work with the text and the book as a whole. The rough sketch also reveals any glaring holes so they can be fixed early in the process. I share this image with you to get your feedback before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3: Drawing

Based on your feedback, I take the rough sketch and produce a more refined drawing. This drawing is again paired with the text to show how they work together.

Step 4: Changes

After I receive feedback on the drawing, I make changes as necessary.

Step 5: Adding Color/Final Illustration

Once I have made any final changes, I apply color to the illustration and submit for finalization.


Step 2: Rough Sketch




Step 3: Drawing



Step 5: Adding Color


The final fee is determined by a number of factors: Size, complexity, color, subject matter, etc… Depending on the project, I give you a price per image or a price for all the work combined. I break the fee up into multiple payments due at pre-established points in the project. A primary goal with my illustrations is to provide you with the best possible price for the best possible work.

Time Frame

Completion time is usually determined by the number of images needed. Generally I need 3-4 days completion time for each image. So, for example, if you needed 20 images, completion time would be around 60-80 days. If your have a tight deadline, I will try my best to meet it.

Rights to The Work

Most of my work is done on a Work For Hire basis. Once completed, you retain all rights to the work. You own it outright and do with it as you wish.